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Function Block Factory

Software-based service for generating PLC function blocks

Your Benefits

  • Time saved and errors avoided during programming through the use of a tried-and-tested code
  • Turnkey function block library for simple application in your PLC program
  • Assign names or numbers according to your internal conventions
  • Supplied data structures speed up development – no declaration of variables
  • Convenient access to individual components of the process data thanks to process data parser functions
  • Easy, transparent and bidirectional access to parameters of IO-Link devices
  • No more searching for indexes, data formats or PD composition in manuals
  • Available 24/7


Software-based service for generating PLC function blocks

The Smart Service Function Block Factory (FBF) from SICK allows a PLC function block to be created from an IODD, irrespective of the device type and manufacturer. The FBF supports most well-known PLC systems. Function blocks make it easier to read and write device parameters. They can also be individually configured – this applies to the choice of PLC as well as selecting and naming the supported IO-Link device parameters and features. In addition, process data parser functions can be generated. These simplify and speed up PLC programming considerably and help avoid errors.

At a glance
  • Creation of individual function blocks
  • All well-known PLC systems supported
  • Compatible with IO-Link devices from all manufacturers
  • Selection of relevant IO-Link device parameters


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