Safety relays

The universal output expansion module

Your Benefits

  • Offers all needed contact paths in a compact form
  • Fast diagnostics via status information reduces downtime
  • Fast, tool-free exchange via coded, plug-in screw-type terminals
  • Combines the advantages of classic relays and easy circuitry


The universal output expansion module

The UE10-30S safety relay offers a complete group of needed contacts. The relay takes over the safety related signals out of the sensors and sends this information to the internal contacts, which intern switches the actuators. The safety relay also offers a diagnostic and shows the status of the system.

At a glance
  • Ideal for applications with opto-electronic protective devices and safety controllers with OSSD outputs
  • Output expansion for a safe processing of OSSD output signals
  • 3 safety outputs, 1 application diagnostic output
  • Feedback path for external device monitoring (EDM)
  • Coded plugs for all slots


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    ApplicationsOutput expansion module for OSSDs
    Safety integrity level

    SIL3 (IEC 61508) 1)

    SILCL3 (EN 62061) 1)

    CategoryCategory 4 (EN ISO 13849) 1)
    Performance levelPL e (EN ISO 13849) 1)
    Number of enable current contacts3
    Housing width22.5 mm
    • 1) If the feedback current path Y1 - Y2 (external device monitoring) is monitored using an appropriate main unit.
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