Level measurement on the adhesive container

The tabs on the carton are glued as part of the process. Sufficient adhesive must always be available if smooth operation is to be ensured. The CQ capacitive proximity sensor is suitable for monitoring the level of the adhesive container, since it can measure levels without contact, even through walls.

  • Following product families can be used
    Reliable level measurement of water-based liquids
    • Compact, rugged housing, enclosure rating: IP67, IP68, IP69K
    • Output signal: 100 mA, output type and function can be selected: PNP/NPN, N/O/N/C
    • Two LEDs for signaling voltage supply and output signal
    • Cable and cable with M8 male connector
    • Supplied mounting bracket
    • CULus certification
    • Ecolab certified
    Reliable capacitive proximity sensors enclosed in a rectangular housing
    • Rectangular housing
    • Detects powders, granulates, liquids and solids
    • Extremely high electromagnetic compatibility
    • Electric version: DC, 4 cables
    • Supply voltage: 10 V ... 36 V DC
    • Short-circuit protection (pulsed)