Format adjustments on the side loader

The side loader must automatically convert its stops with a high degree of accuracy for format changeovers so it can guide the new products precisely. The EKM36 motor feedback system with a digital HIPERFACE DSL® interface determines the actual position at a resolution of up to 20 bits per revolution with extreme accuracy. HIPERFACE DSL® reduces cabling requirements by 50%.

  • Following product families can be used
    Compact motor feedback system for highly dynamic servo drives
    • Motor feedback system with HIPERFACE DSL® interface
    • Compact, rugged design with 36 mm diameter
    • Up to 20 bit resolution per revolution and 4,096 revolutions measurable with the multiturn system
    • Facility for connecting an external temperature sensor
    • E²Prom with 8 KB of free memory space
    • SIL2-certified (only applies to EKS/EKM36-2...)
    • Service life histogram