Safety solutions
Safe Robotics Area Protection Solutions

Your Benefits

  • Tailored safety solutions developed and tested by SICK safety experts
  • Free, safe access to cooperative robot applications for high productivity, less downtime, and optimum work processes
  • High flexibility due to individualized adaptation of the solutions to the robot application and production environment
  • Cost-effective solutions due to quick implementation by experienced SICK safety experts
  • Future-proof solutions which can be expanded flexibly


Safety is essential for the cooperation between humans and machines. SICK offers Safe Robotics Area Protection Solutions to enable free and safe access of the worker to the robot work area. These tailored complete solutions include hardware and engineering services: from planning to implementation through commissioning. The objective is to optimize the robotics applications by protecting hazardous areas in accordance with international standards. SICK safety solutions increase productivity, enable ergonomic processes and save time and money. Safe Robotics Area Protection Solutions prevent unnecessary robot stops. An automated restart can be implemented depending on the robot application.

At a glance
  • Safety solutions for freely-accessible robot applications
  • Custom-made solutions from a single source including product management, software, hardware and engineering
  • Performance level PL d
  • Complies with international standards, e.g. EN ISO 10218-2
  • Engineering documentation with SICK VERIFIED SAFETY quality seal


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Safety taskHazardous area protection
    ApplicationCooperative robot applications in all industries
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product