Safety light curtains

Compact design for maximum reliability

Your Benefits

  • The small, elegant stainless-steel housing saves space, enables optimum integration into the machine design, and offers great flexibility
  • Highest level of media resistance for maximum reliability
  • Efficient cleaning ensures high process and production quality and a low risk of contamination
  • Efficient ordering process and cost savings due to reduced storage needs and spare parts maintenance
  • Adjustable brackets ensure the highest availability
  • Quick on-site diagnostics with LED status indicators over the entire protective field height


Compact design for maximum reliability

In the pharmaceutical industry, extremely aggressive cleaning and decontamination agents require products that are highly resistant and rugged. The TWINOX4 stainless-steel safety light curtain has been designed specifically for use in the pharmaceutical industry. Since it has no edges or gaps, its design is particularly suitable for the protection of machines with stringent hygiene requirements. Due to its compact size, the TWINOX4 is ideal for flexible installation when space is limited. It boasts impressive features – it is rugged, easy to clean, and made of stainless steel.

At a glance
  • Media resistance due to stainless-steel housing
  • Easy-to-clean design with rounded edges and without undercuts
  • Twin concept: Sender and receiver in a single housing
  • Restart interlock, external device monitoring (EDM), beam coding
  • Enclosure ratings IP65 and IP67



Safety is a crucial factor in the pharmaceutical industry, both from a patient perspective and from the perspective of pharmaceutical companies. Automation and safety technologies can be used to prevent product contamination during the manufacturing process, e.g., barrier technologies for sterile filling systems as well as isolators. The TWINOX4 safety light curtain with a stainless-steel housing has been designed specifically for use in the pharmaceutical industry. It protects operating personnel when interventions are required in the hazardous areas around machines that are subject to stringent hygiene requirements.

Suitable for clean rooms with increased productivity and flexibility

The TWINOX4 housing can be optimally integrated into machine designs, saves space, and provides your plant with great flexibility right from the planning stage.
Thanks to its stainless-steel design with rounded edges and without undercuts, the TWINOX4 meets stringent hygiene requirements for surfaces and materials.
Aggressive cleaning agents and disinfectants such as hydrogen peroxide require media-resistant materials. The stainless-steel housing of the TWINOX4 meets this criterion as it was developed specifically for use in areas with high hygiene requirements.

It boasts impressive features – it is rugged, easy to clean, and made of stainless steel


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Safety levelType 4, PL e, SIL3, SILCL3
    Resolution14 mm
    Scanning range4.5 m
    Protective field height300 mm / 420 mm / 600 mm
    Enclosure ratingIP65, IP67
    Ambient operating temperature–20 °C ... +55 °C
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