Your Benefits

  • Customer-specific sample preparation for trend analysis or precise limit values
  • TOC values according to official requirements
  • Flexible installation, since a connection to expensive carrier gas is not required and various ex-variants are available
  • Reduced downtimes during maintenance due to the rapid changeover function
  • Cost efficiency due to flexibly adjustable measuring point switchover


The TOCOR700 liquid analysis system is a tried-and-tested system for TOC analysis in liquids. Be it for trend analysis or high-precision limit value monitoring, TOCOR700 can be optimally tailored to suit customer requirements. Thanks to its sophisticated technology, it is one of the few of its kind that can also measure volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The system requires only ambient air as a carrier gas, which makes it very versatile.

At a glance
  • Very high measurement accuracy even at low TOC concentrations
  • Internal carrier preparation
  • Versions for application in Ex-Zone 1 or 2 (ATEX)
  • Versions as stand-alone or wall-mounted
  • Quick-change function due to second thermal reactor (optional)
  • Measuring point switchover for 4 measuring points (optional)


Sophisticated technology

Depending on the customized requirement, the TOCOR700 can be set for TOC or TC measurement at the factory. In addition, the system offers a very high measurement accuracy, as the VOCs are not blown out, which is otherwise common. This ensures uncompromised measurement results.

The TOCOR700 liquid analysis system consists of an S700 modular gas analyzer and a reactor which generates the measuring gas. There is a UV and a thermal variant. They differ in their functioning depending on the application, but serve the same purpose: Conversion of carbon into measurable CO2.

The right measurement principle for each application


Die Systemausführung mit UV-Reaktor eignet sich zur kontinuierlichen Trendanalyse, wenn es um die Einhaltung von Grenzwerten geht. Insbesondere liefert er auch bei Proben mit hoher Salzkonzentration präzise Messergebnisse.

TOCOR700 TH The variant with TH reactor is usually used for high-precision quantity value analysis. Based on the thermal measurement principle, the oxidization rate is over 95% and is therefore usually much higher than that of the UV reactor.

TOC determination according to official requirements

Due to the clever component arrangement, the VOC content of the sample is included in the measurement of the overall carbon. This ensures a very high measurement accuracy and enables the TOC determination according to official requirements.
The TOCOR700 delivers reliable measurement results for usage-based accounting and efficiency evaluation of sewage treatment plants. Unplanned downtimes and product contamination can be prevented thanks to condensate analysis for the cooling and heating circuits.

Thanks to the very high measurement accuracy, the TOCOR700 is well-suited for requirement-specific TOC determination in accordance with legal specifications.

Well-positioned anywhere

The TOCOR700 not only offers the right measurement principle for application-specific requirements, but also the right version for location-specific demands.

Flexible use and free installation

Thanks to the internal carrier gas preparation, the TOCOR700 can be installed anywhere. A connection to expensive carrier gas or compressed air is not necessary.

The TOCOR700 is available in versions with a UV reactor or a thermal reactor for use in explosion hazardous zones 1 or 2 (ATEX).

The TOCOR700 can be installed as a standing or wall-mounted device to fit the spatial conditions.

Maximum location flexibility and easy installation thanks to user-friendly system properties.

Quick-change reactor and measuring point switchover

The TOCOR700 offers optional additional functions which contribute to keeping maintenance and investment costs as low as possible.

Efficient during maintenance and operation

A second thermal reactor is installed for the optional quick-change function. One reactor can cool down during maintenance work while the other heats up. This effectively reduces maintenance times.
Thanks to the optional measuring point switchover, one measurement device is enough to approach several measuring points. The TOCOR700 can cover up to four measuring points in this way.

Higher cost efficiency and less maintenance work thanks to optional additional functions.