Ammonium phosphate production

Mono- and di-ammonium phosphate (MAP, DAP) are pro-duced from reaction of ammonia and phosphoric acid. The resulting solution is concentrated before entering a prilling or granulation process which results in the solid and dry products. The off-gas from this process contains NH3, HF, and a lot of dust which are typically removed in a wet tail gas scrubber. To comply with emission standards, the residual NH3, HF, and dust need to be monitored. A special design to deal with heavy salt formation is crucial for the reliable operation of any analyzer system.

  • Following product families can be used
    • For very low to medium dust concentrations
    • Gas sampling and return combined in one probe
    • Contamination check
    • Automatic monitoring of zero and reference point
    • Easy parameterization and convenient operation – optionally via supplemental remote unit
    • Integrated system diagnostics for early detection of maintenance requirements