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global solution
global solution

It has been over 40 years since SICK began to extend its presence in the different parts of the world. This means that customers all over the world have direct access to SICK at all times – a key requirement when developing customer-specific solutions.

Our innovations provide intelligent, efficient, and precise solutions for a multitude of tasks in a huge range of industries. Thanks to their variable interfaces, our sensors can be used in any system environment, providing our customers with a high level of flexibility and investment security. Furthermore, we not only offer LifeTime Services covering the entire life cycle of a solution – from consultation and engineering to technical support and training – but also provide innovative logistics services with different levels of complexity. From an individual product to a complete coordinated package, we consider the country-specific requirements of our customers and the local market conditions. That’s what we aim to show you in this issue of our magazine SICKinsight.

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