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Suitable sensor solutions
Suitable sensor solutions

Working with SICK in a digital world

Often we know best what we need – but not necessarily where to find it right away. The challenge in the digital world is therefore to locate a suitable solution as quickly as possible among the sea of offerings. SICK will support you with its in-depth expertise. You won't have to go it alone. Whether it be custom solutions, which you can find using our configurators or selectors, or certificates, operating instructions and technical documentation. Welcome to your own digital comfort zone.

Online product catalog – our digital flagship

Our online product catalog is our digital flagship. The wide variety of filters will help you maintain an overview and find a suitable solution for you despite the more than 40,000 products on offer. This applies to all industries. You will also find all the available data, such as certificates, operating instructions, technical documentation, etc. for each of our sensors.

Online configurators and selectors – exactly the right sensor for your needs

Use our configurators and selectors to find just the right variant for you among the large number of possibilities. You determine what you need and, if applicable, what to exclude. This is especially helpful for solutions with many options and individual components, and leads to valid, appropriate and efficient results. 

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