Safety encoders

Safety in motion – functional safety encoders

SICK's reliable encoders assist in the implementation of safety functions, facilitating safe and efficient machine operation. This is backed up by SICK's many years of safety expertise, an international service and training network, and a range of optimized system solutions. Functional safety encoders generate information about position, angle, and revolution counts, with a particular emphasis on mechanical and electrical safety. By offering these encoders along with reliable control solutions, SICK can offer all of the various components required for the implementation of comprehensive safety solutions under one roof.

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Product family DFS60S Pro

Safe, easy, flexible: Encoders for functional safety

  • Encoders for functional safety technology: SIL2 (IEC 61508), SILCL2 (EN 62061), PL d (EN ISO 13849)
  • Electrical interface: 4.5 V ... 32 V; sine/cosine 1 VPP; 1,024 periods
  • Clamping flange or servo flange, blind hollow shaft or through hollow shaft (assembly options with feather key)
  • Universal cable outlet, M23 or M12 male connector, axial or radial
  • Enclosure rating: IP 65
  • Working temperature range: –30°C ... +95°C (depending on type)