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The robot arms reach for the aluminum profiles with lighting speed. The unmachined parts are fed to the milling machine, and the finished parts are restacked on the pallet. This functions like clockwork... Read on
GO BEYOND. Discovery #5 Collaboration between humans and robots in shared work areas is more in demand than ever. The trend towards robot cells without protective fences and the smallest possible... Read on
Greater efficiency across the supply chain begins with the production process. Barry Staff, Director of Automaint Solutions, shares the importance of reliable sensor solutions to service Australia’s... Read on
FPC Food Plastics was struggling to look down the neck of every bottle in an attempt to identify discolored stock. What they needed was an optical solution... Read on
GO BEYOND. Discovery #4 An important part of Digital Transformation is the creation and management of "Digital Twins". The SICK AssetHub forms a flexible, modularly expandable basis for... Read on
Autonomous mobile robots have many applications. They are ideal for use in the logistics and transport area where many products are loaded and shipments prepared for dispatch. Loading and unloading: this... Read on
GO BEYOND. Discovery #3 Installed Base Manager puts your devices from SICK on the screen. The app is a good example of how digital transformation is part of your and our everyday work. A vision of... Read on
 Intelligent Sensors for Packaging and Pallet Handling in Retail ApplicationsBy utilizing SICK intelligent sensors, the retail industry can keep up with consumer demand and can also maintain quality... Read on
 Sensor Solutions for Retailers to Enhance Tote Picking ApplicationsOnce you’ve identified the tote, it is then crucial to have effective methods for picking items from the totes. Various... Read on
The Visionary-B CV 3D driver assistance system from SICK is impressing the company’s customer Imerys Fused Minerals Laufenburg GmbH with its efficient collision warning. This world-leading supplier... Read on
GO BEYOND. Discovery #2 Vibration analysis, temperature measurement, position monitoring - equipped with various diagnostic functions, our smart sensors allow you to look into the future. Process... Read on
The steel in electric arc furnaces bubbles in light orange hues. Flames blaze from the thin gap between the vessel and exhaust manifold; the heat is intense. This is what steelworkers unemotionally refer... Read on
 Empty Tote and Level Monitoring for RetailersTote inspection is critical to allow for an efficient retail facility. With this, retailers gain the ability to determine the fill level of a tote and... Read on
 Intelligent Sensors for Dimensioning and Weighing Products for RetailersWith an increased demand in the online retail market, retailers have been challenged with keeping up with the demand in distribution... Read on
GO BEYOND. Discovery #1 We are at a turning point. The "Digital Transformation" is here. The basis for this quantum leap in technology and the departure into a new dimension is your data... Read on
The company Lorch Schweißtechnik has developed a new Cobot solution for TIG welding. The handy and mobile Cobot allows companies to weld even smaller batches of particularly challenging components... Read on
Following in the footsteps of Google, Pierre Legendre and Benjamin Loize caught the start-up bug in 2015 and focused their energies fully on innovation: Both worked as engineers at U GIE-IRIS in France... Read on
 Automated Object Identification Expands Retailers’ Impact on the MarketThe world of retail is continuously changing and becoming increasingly complex. And in the age of COVID-19, the retail... Read on
TGW Logistics has gained more flexibility in every respect by using the Safe Entry Exit safety system from SICK. In addition to reliably distinguishing between people and material, this also helps to alleviate... Read on
Complex regulations, demanding technical implementation and meticulous documentation – machine safety is a real challenge. Many top machine builders therefore rely on collaboration with external... Read on
The TERSA group plant in Sant Adrià del Besòs near Barcelona in Spain has rolled out an innovative system for ensuring better environmental practices. SICK Spain installed two measurement... Read on
Pollution control with best available analytical technology: The Indian government is ambitiously pursuing environmental targets and cracking down on air pollution. Coal-fired power plant operators are... Read on
“A lot of potential and a step further” A step further into quantum sensor technology: In recent decades there have been many gradual improvements in sensor hardware. One could certainly not... Read on
SICK experts are often asked to advise on the selection of a safety laser scanner as there are many to choose from and they all have different technical specifications. It is common for people to simply... Read on

Result 25 - 48 out of 481