Automatic Inline Print Inspection Using 4Sight Technology

4Sight is a powerful machine vision inspection solution, using the SICK AppSpace environment and the InspectorP range of 2D cameras to create a camera-based software solution for multiple inspection methods. The application supports printed code inspection, date code inspection, packaging inspection and barcode inspection.

Fully Configurable 

4Sights unique feature, known as Inspection Depth, sets it apart from OCR/OCV and Deep Learning technologies. Inspection Depth allows you to identify the level of quality you deem acceptable for your application. Ideal for label inspection and print quality inspection.

Supports the main industrial printing technologies:

  • Inkjet Print Inspection
  • Thermal Print Inspection
  • Laser Print Inspection


1. Connects to any brand and technology of industrial printer, including Continuous Inkjet.

2. Three options for use: Stand alone, Printer led or Integrated.

3. In Printer led and Integrated modes; automatically adjusts to the correct camera settings required when the printer’s message changes – no operator involvement.

4. Can control up to 4 cameras and allows up to 4 inspections across any of these cameras enabling combined inspections of date code, barcode and artwork.

5. Seamlessly connects to AutoCoding software as well as other code management systems to ensure message content is always correct.


6. Not a conventional OCR/OCV solution – nor an AI based deep learning application. Works by inspecting only what the printer has actually printed; no need for ‘font teaching’ or ‘fixturing’.

7. Required print quality is decided by user with configurable “inspection depth” feature; allows for increasing levels of inspection from simple ‘whole message present’ through to precise inspection of actual code quality – always based upon what the printer has actually printed.

8. A complete engineering solution: using ‘wizards’ and simple menus to completely manage every aspect of the application, including setting up a printer connection, sending off resultant images and setting up digital IO for pack rejection in the event of a ‘bad read’


Solving the Challenge of Printed Code Inspection

This webinar will look at how the 4Sight solution ensures only the best quality codes and marked information are supplied. 

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