Track and trace systems

Your Benefits

  • Reliable pre-filtering of process-relevant tags reduces on-site adjustment costs
  • Suppression of "false-positive reads" without using expensive licensed software saves money
  • Simple ERP connectivity without any additional licensed software saves time and money
  • High-quality sensors provide reliable detection capabilities
  • Simple on-site commissioning via SOPAS software saves time
  • Simple integration with SICK's 4Dpro makes it easy to add bar code scanners to an application
  • Durable mechanical design allows flexible adjustment of antennas for easy on-site adaptation, which saves time and money


The RFGS Pro (Radio Frequency Gate System) track and trace system is ideal for optimizing processes in the supply chain process. It is a flexible, intelligent solution specifically for goods receipt and goods issue in logistics. The system consists of interrogators for RFID identification, a central controller with an integrated allocation algorithm, and a 2D laser scanner for object, speed and direction detection. RFID tags can be uniquely and remotely assigned at the gate. In addition, "false-positive reads" are suppressed without the need for any expensive licensed software. The industrial, rugged standard mechanics and installation wizards integrated in SOPAS software from SICK make simple, cost-effective commissioning on site possible.

At a glance
  • Remotely assigns tags to objects and detects the direction of the moving object
  • Remotely distinguishes between moving and static tags and filters them for the host message
  • Distinguishes between pallet and person
  • Stand-alone gate with integrated controller
  • Central interface for all sensors via CAN and TCP/IP network
  • Integrated service, monitoring and diagnostic tools
  • Parameter cloning of sensors via SD card


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    UsageReading and assignment of RFID tags at gates
    Transport speed0 m/s ... 3 m/s
    Output dataXML, ASCII, customer protocol
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product