Track and trace systems
Lector65x System

Your objects are always in focus

Your Benefits

  • Dynamic focus and dynamic brightness adjustment provide sharp, uniform images for different object heights, code positioning and transport speeds
  • Minimum object gaps and high package throughput in the sorting process via an integrated tracking function
  • Modular system design: from low-cost to high performance
  • Intelligent decoding algorithms and a high image recording frequency provide excellent read rates, even with codes that are difficult to read
  • Ability to combine multiple products to create a tailored hybrid solution
  • Read adjacent objects with "side-by-side” focusing, which increases the throughput
  • Easy installation due to the slim, sophisticated design and partial pre-assembly


Your objects are always in focus

The track and trace system based on the Lector65x matrix camera reliably identifies and decodes all common types of codes.

With up to a 4 megapixel CMOS sensor, the Lector65x has the resolution to read all object sizes from large to small. Thanks to the dynamic focus, unique for matrix cameras in world, and the dynamic brightness adjustment, the Lector65x System produces highest quality images. These images could even be used for other vision related tasks. With an integrated tracking function, object gaps can be reduced, increasing the overall throughput on the conveyor or sorting system. Building on the MSC800 networking concept, the Lector65x System can easily be combined with other products, such as ICR8xx line-scanning cameras, volume measurement systems, laser-based code readers, or weigh scales. This allows the best possible solution to be generated for each challenge.

At a glance
  • Dynamic focus adjustment
  • Big depth of field in fix focus operation
  • Tracking function with MSC800
  • Integration into the network concept of the MSC800
  • JPEG image output in real time
  • 2 or 4 megapixel resolution along with a high image capture rate of up to 40 Hz
  • Highly versatile customer interfaces and protocols

Airport luggage identification systems

Airport luggage identification with ATR (Automated Tag Reading)

The ALIS (airport luggage identification system) track and trace systems from SICK, which are specially developed for baggage transport at airports, read 1D codes and RFID transponders and provide high-resolution images for downstream processes (video coding, OCR). Depending on the requirements, the system variants can be equipped and combined with different identification technologies, for instance laser, camera and RFID.

One system. Three technologies. A whole host of options.

ALIS Laser: CLV identification system for airports Laser-based barcode reading is characterized by cost efficiency and a sturdy construction. Thanks to the real-time autofocus function with a high depth of field, different object sizes and distances are no problem.
ALIS Vision: Lector65x system for airports

The camera-based solution allows for a high read rate, even for heavily damaged and dirty codes. Optional clear text recognition and video coding provide additional reading reliability, for instance if the baggage source message (BSM) is absent.

ALIS RFCS: RF identification system for airports

RFID reading does not need a line of sight to the transponder. Tags from upstream or downstream objects are filtered out using shielding troughs and algorithms.

Reliable code reading and assignment to the correct bag

Individually adjustable system

The modular systems allow for customized adaptations so that the different technologies can be easily combined. In addition to code reading, the systems can be expanded to include volume detection. Additional software enables the visualization of baggage data. A redundant system design is also available if required, which maximizes system availability. This means the modular system can be designed to your individual bag reading gate.

More than simply code reading

Different identification technologies can be combined in one system to create an individualized hybrid solution.
The VMS6200 quickly and efficiently measures bags and determines their exact position.
The Baggage Analytics software provides comprehensive real-time monitoring of system performance and health.

An all-in-one solution from a single source for saving on additional systems for volume measurement or monitoring.


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview



    Courier, express, parcel, and postal

    Retail and warehousing



    Storage and conveyor

    Products by tasksCode reading
    Transport speed0 m/s ... 3 m/s (depending on application)
    Minimum object distance150 mm / 50 mm
    Code types




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