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SICK Prediction Box

Your Benefits

  • Optimal availability thanks to swift action
  • Cost savings thanks to prevention of unplanned operational states
  • Sustainable improvement of product and process quality
  • Better planning of machine utilization and service work


With the Prediction Box from SICK, future data flows can be made visible today. Based on intelligent prediction models, this software solution creates maximum freedom of action so customers can optimize the availability and productivity of their plants and machines. To ensure high prediction quality, different prediction models with different prediction periods suitable for the specific data flow are trained and validated with the data recorded during condition monitoring.

This makes it possible to predict known events with high probability and accuracy. This not only increases your plant availability, but sustainably improves the quality of products and processes.

At a glance
  • Notification of events that have not yet happened
  • Machine learning methods for trained and validated prediction models
  • Different prediction periods for the best view into the future
  • High prediction quality regarding the probability of occurrence of known events


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Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview





    The Prediction Apps are browser applications that show the user future events. This makes it possible to predict device data flows of and thereby increase productivity with early action.

    The Smart Service gateway securely and reliably transmits sensor and machine data to the Monitoring Box web application.


    Automated prediction model



    Predictive maintenance

    Intelligent prediction of data flows with trained and validated models

    Condition monitoring

    Supported products





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