Contrast sensors
KTM Prime

Your Benefits

  • Small housing allows for installation even where space is limited
  • Powerful, fast contrast sensor ensures high machine availability
  • Three-color LED technology allows for a reliable process, with contrast marks detected even in conditions with weak contrast ratios or on glossy materials
  • Various teach-in methods enable more flexible commissioning
  • Long service life, even in harsh environments, thanks to stainless-steel housing; as a result, excellent plant availability and low spare parts costs
  • Enhanced diagnostics and visualization as well as quick and easy format changes via IO-Link


Top performance for universal, space-saving use in the packaging industry, even in adverse conditions: The new KTM Prime contrast sensor from SICK features high grayscale resolution and is integrated into a small, tried-and-tested housing that is also available in stainless steel. The optimized OES4 ASIC technology and a response time of 35 µs ensure reliable and accurate detection of contrast marks, even on glossy materials. The various teach-in methods ensure greater flexibility during commissioning. The integrated IO-Link interface can be used to access the parameter settings. A KTM Prime laser variant with a sensing distance of up to 250 mm is available for long-distance applications.

At a glance
  • High grayscale resolution
  • Very large dynamic range means reliable detection of contrasts on glossy materials
  • Static and dynamic teach-in in a single variant
  • Switching frequency: Up to 15 kHz
  • Sensing distance: 12.5 mm for RGB and white LED, up to 250 mm as laser variant
  • IO-Link interface


KTS and KTX - The next generation of contrast sensors

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KTS Prime

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Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Dimensions (W x H x D)

    15.25 mm x 48.6 mm x 22.2 mm

    12 mm x 31.5 mm x 21 mm

    Sensing distance11 mm / 12.5 mm
    Type of light

    LED, RGB 1)

    LED, white 1)

    Light spot size

    1.5 mm x 6.5 mm

    Ø 2 mm (12.5 mm)

    Switching frequency15 kHz 2)
    Response time

    35 µs 3)

    32 µs 3)

    Switching output




    2-point teach-in static/dynamic + proximity to mark

    ET: Teach-in dynamic

    ET: Teach-in dynamic: Q-signal switches during teach-in (up to 10 ms time delay for 1st mark)

    ET: Teach-in static + proximity to mark

    ET: Teach-in static

    Connection type

    Cable with M12 male connector, 4-pin
    0.2 m

    Male connector M8, 4-pin

    Cable with M8 male connector, 4-pin
    0.2 m

    Cable open end, 4-wire
    2 m

    Communication interface



    • 1) Average service life: 100,000 h at TU = +25 °C.
    • 2) With light/dark ratio 1:1.
    • 3) Signal transit time with resistive load.
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