Motor feedback systems rotary HIPERFACE®

Your Benefits

  • Integrated mechanical multiturn function for additional measuring of revolutions without external battery
  • Direct mounting on the drive shaft renders transmission components such as timing belts or couplings unnecessary
  • Simple, compact design, wear-free, low maintenance costs
  • Quick installation without special mounting tools: easy to put on, turn, and go
  • Rugged and reliable thanks to high shock and vibration resistance
  • Reliable establishment of the absolute position at high speeds
  • Mounting check for reading out the axial position of the rotor


The trend toward compact and rugged direct drives in factory automation has clearly strengthened in recent years. With the SES/SEM rotative motor feedback system with industrial HIPERFACE® standard interface, SICK is providing new options for hollow shaft types and direct drives. The motor feedback system, which works with holistic sensing, is mounted directly on the drive shaft without addition mounting tools and renders transmission components such as timing belts or couplings unnecessary. A mechanical multiturn function is also integrated into the device, which eliminates the need for additional components such as external buffer batteries. The small design saves space and weight, and is rugged, wear-free, and reliable thanks to the bearing-free technology.

At a glance
  • Singleturn and multiturn variants with 25 mm hollow shaft and 50 mm hollow shaft
  • 32 and 64 sine-cosine periods per revolution, 4,096 revolutions with the multiturn variant
  • HIPERFACE® interface with extended type label
  • Maximum speed: 6,000 rpm and 8,500 rpm
  • Easy mounting without special mounting tools
  • High shock and vibration resistance


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    TypeFor integration
    ModelAbsolute Singleturn / Absolute Multiturn
    Communication interfaceHIPERFACE®
    Sine/cosine periods per revolution32 / 64
    Safety system
    Mechanical interface

    Through hollow shaft, 25 mm

    Through hollow shaft, 50 mm

    Connection typeMale connector, 8-pin
    Available memory area2,048 Byte E2PROM 2048
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product