Fixed mount barcode scanners

The highest level of flexibility and power

Your Benefits

  • Higher reading rate on damaged, heavily contaminated and partially damaged barcodes using the SMART+ algorithm
  • Increased processing allows for faster and more accurate performance on demanding applications
  • Fewer costs since no additional Ethernet gateway is required when using the Ethernet clone plug
  • Time savings during commissioning thanks to integrated buttons and bar graph
  • Increased scanner intelligence enables sophisticated configuration of logical operations, reducing the control system programming effort. Data is delivered in the desired format
  • Cost savings since standard applications can be implemented without an additional system controller due to integrated tracking


The highest level of flexibility and power

The CLV69x fixed mount barcode scanner offers an excellent reading performance, high-speed processing and a high level of reading accuracy. The auto focus function is based on built-in distance measurement technology and makes it possible to have height-independent code reading within the reading field. Simple and user-friendly parameterization is guaranteed using the standard SOPAS ET operating system from SICK. Due to built-in SMART+ code reconstruction technology, the CLV69x can read heavily contaminated or partially damaged barcodes, as well as those with a high angle of tilt. With its integrated tracking, the CLV69x can handle standard applications without an additional system controller. The innovative connectivity with built-in parameter storage not only enables fast, simple scanner replacement, but also easy integration into a variety of applications.

At a glance
  • Advanced SMART+ code reconstruction technology
  • New and flexible cloning plug technology
  • CAN, Ethernet and serial communications available on board (dependent on cloning plug variant)
  • Large depth of field due to real-time auto focus
  • Consistent, user-friendly "SOPAS ET" software
  • Built-in tracking without the use of an additional system controller
  • Flexible sorting, filtering, and logical functions
  • Integrated LED bar graph with pushbuttons


4Dpro - The flexibility you need 

  • Standardized connectivity
  • Common user interface
  • Common set of accessories
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High system availability for large working ranges

The CLV69x is in its element when large working ranges need to be covered reliably and with high throughput. The scanner is equipped with auto focus to read different module sizes and respond to variable reading distances. This means that no additional identification solutions are needed. Once set up, the settings are passed on to any exchange units via a flexible cloning plug so that no system or conveyor belt has to stand still for long.
Immense depth of field thanks to auto focus Thanks to the integrated auto focus, only one device is required for a wide range of code sizes and changing reading distances in order to cover large working ranges. In addition, sensors such as photoelectric sensors that trigger focus switching are no longer required.
Increase efficiency with networking and tracking The CLV69x devices allow for omnidirectional networking as a track and trace system. With their integrated tracking function, the fixed mount barcode scanners enable high throughput of objects of the most varied heights, regardless of the code orientation on the conveying equipment (360° reading).
The cloning plug remembers everything The sophisticated concept with flexible cloning plug ensures very high system availability. With uniform connection technology and the cloning function, devices can be replaced very quickly.

Reduced downtime thanks to auto focus and cloning plug.

Reliable reading under harsh conditions

Strong temperature fluctuations and high vibrations can lead to codes not being read. That’s why it’s good that the CLV69x is available with front screen heating and shock absorbers to reduce No Reads to a minimum. The image output serves as additional protection for analysis of the read results.
Withstands fluctuating ambient temperatures Depending on the device variant, the CLV69x is equipped with integrated heating in order to work reliably even in deep-freeze environments down to –35 °C. The fixed mount barcode scanner requires neither additional installation space nor extra cabling to connect the heating. An additional heater for the front screen prevents the viewing window from fogging up.
Unshakeable thanks to shock absorber The specially designed bracket for applications with high vibrations or shocks compensates for the forces acting on the CLV69x. This significantly increases the service life of the fixed mount barcode scanner.
Analyze with image output The image output is used to display the recorded image data and the focus progression of successful read processes in software, which is the basis for reliable No Read analysis.

The image output ensures constant optimization of data decoding under very difficult reading conditions.

Virtual product demo before purchase? SICK makes it possible.

Bring our products to life: Our reading field visualization tools can be used to visualize all CLV69x device variants. Select your device parameters and use our tool to find out which product variant is the best one for your device. Uncertainty when selecting products is a thing of the past.

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SICK LifeTime Services

SICK’s services increase machine and plant productivity, enhance the safety of people all over the world, provide a solid foundation for a sustainable business operation, and protect investment goods. In addition to its usual consulting services, SICK provides direct on-site support during the conceptual design and commissioning phases as well as during operation.

The range of services not only covers aspects like maintenance and inspection, but also includes performance checks as well as upgrades and retrofits. Modular or customized service contracts extend the service life of plants and therefore increase their availability. If faults occur or limit values are exceeded, these are detected at all times by the corresponding sensors and systems.

Consulting and design Application-specific advice on the product, its integration and the application itself.
Commissioning and maintenance Application-optimized and sustainable ─ thanks to professional commissioning and maintenance by a trained SICK service technician.
Service contracts Extended warranty, SICK Remote Service, 24-hour helpdesk, maintenance, availability guarantees and other modular components can be individually combined on request.


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Optical focusAuto focus
    Aperture angle≤ 60° / ≤ 50°
    Scanning frequency400 Hz ... 1,200 Hz
    Code resolution0.17 mm ... 1.2 mm
    Reading distance400 mm ... 2,200 mm
    Ethernet✔ , TCP/IP
    PROFINET✔ , optional over external fieldbus module
    Serial✔ , RS-232, RS-422, RS-485
    PROFIBUS DP✔ , optional over external fieldbus module
    Weight1,500 g / 2,200 g
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product