Quality control systems
Asset Monitoring System

Reliable detection of re-use cycles and product variants

Your Benefits

  • Quality assurance through the evaluation of detailed equipment usage data
  • Low overall costs thanks to simple installation and operation
  • Trouble-free retrofitting of existing plants thanks to stand-alone solution
  • Easy access to data thanks to automated export function


Reliable detection of re-use cycles and product variants

The Asset Monitoring System quality control system reads codes in order to collect detailed information regarding the use of equipment or the number of product variants manufactured on a production line. This enables the plant operator to keep track of equipment that is wearing out or the quantity of manufactured product variants at all times. As an easy-to-integrate stand-alone solution, the system is especially suited for retrofitting into existing plants. The modular design with code readers from the Lector6xx product family means the system can be used in all kinds of applications.

At a glance
  • Code reading to collect production data during operation
  • Data export via configurable FTP connection
  • Intuitive operation via HMI with touchscreen
  • Easy-to-integrate stand-alone solution
  • Display of live image and reading statistics