Intelligent and non-contact door protection

The STR1 non-contact safety switch protects safety doors on a packaging machine. The high tolerance of the sensor against door offset and the sensor’s diagnostic capability increase machine availability. When used in combination with the Flexi Soft safety controller, safe series connection is possible. This enables the STR1 to issue a stop signal to the machine when a door is opened and to not allow the machine to restart until the door has been closed.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Safety controller with modular hardware platform
    • Configuration saved in the system plug
    • Safe controller networking with Flexi Line
    • Safe series connection with Flexi Loop
    • Safe drive monitoring
    • Safe analog value monitoring
    • Flexi Soft Designer license-free configuration software
    • Response range of up to 14 mm
    • Small housing with flexible mounting options
    • Sensor activation possible from three sides
    • Four different actuators available
    • Universally coded, uniquely coded, and permanently coded sensors
    • PL e (EN ISO 13849), SIL3 (IEC 61508)
    • Safe series connection of up to 30 sensors possible