Identification of molds using the Asset Monitoring System

Identification and traceability play an important role in the food industry. Chocolate molds must be checked and, if necessary, replaced after a certain number of usage cycles. The Asset Monitoring System compares the 1D or 2D codes of the molds with the saved data and shows them on the HMI. The Asset Monitoring System offers intuitive operation via an HMI with touch display and can be easily retrofitted to existing machines.

  • Following product families can be used
    Product family Asset Monitoring System
    Reliable detection of re-use cycles and product variants
    • Code reading to collect production data during operation
    • Data export via configurable FTP connection
    • Intuitive operation via HMI with touchscreen
    • Easy-to-integrate stand-alone solution
    • Display of live image and reading statistics
    Product family Lector63x
    Intelligent. Flexible. Intuitive.
    • Code reader with up to 2-megapixel sensor
    • Flexible optics and filter design
    • Integrated, replaceable high-power illumination
    • Intuitive user interface, with flexible result string with code analysis options
    • Function buttons, aiming laser, acoustic feedback signal, and green feedback LED
    • microSD memory card
    Product family MQCS

    Multifunctional quality control for individual application

    • Software platforms with combinable basic functions and extensible modules
    • Recipe management
    • Modular and scalable hardware
    • Digital outputs for user-defined alerts
    • Display of data detected by the sensor as well as sensor statistics via touch screen