Safe motion monitoring of AGV systems and AGCs with one servo drive technology

In flexible manufacturing environments with human-machine interaction, AGV systems and AGCs with synchronous servo motors require extensive safe movement functions. An SKS/SKM36 rotative motor feedback system with HIPERFACE® interface and a MOC drive monitor therefore reliably detect and monitor the respective position and speed of these vehicles.

  • Following product families can be used
    Safe movement monitoring in mobile and stationary applications
    • Safe Motion monitoring module for safe drive monitoring
    • Drive safety functions such as SS1, SS2 or SLS
    • Variant with safely-limited position (SLP) and safe cam (SCA)
    • Encoder interfaces: HTL, TTL, Sin/Cos interface, SSI, HIPERFACE®
    • Intuitive configuration software with certified function blocks
    Compact size with a high resolution for the standard performance range
    • Motor feedback systems for the standard performance range
    • 128 sine/cosine periods per revolution
    • Absolute position with a resolution of 4,096 increments per revolution and 4,096 revolutions with the multiturn system
    • Programming of the position value and electronic type label
    • HIPERFACE® interface
    • Integrated version and stand-alone design
    • Certified according to SIL2/PL d (only valid for SKS36S/SKM36S-H...)
    • Conforms to RoHs