Contrast sensors

Safe object detection at high machine speeds

Your Benefits

  • Very high switching accuracy: 31.2 kHz switching frequency for use in ongoing machine processes
  • Easy sensor handling: Multi-functional display enables flexible, user-friendly sensor settings
  • Safe detection and safe processes: Detection of very small contrast differences and high-gloss materials thanks to high grayscale resolution and manual switching threshold adjustment
  • Versatile use: Different teach-in operations for ideal sensor settings in different applications
  • Fast format change thanks to job save
  • Compact design for use with limited installation space


Safe object detection at high machine speeds

The KTL180 reliably detects contrast differences even at high machine speeds. Thanks to its 31.2 kHz switching frequency, a high grayscale resolution and manual switching threshold adjustment, the KTL180 makes for safe object detection. The response time of 16 µs ensures stable and accurate detection of contrast differences, for example with print marks, even for high-gloss materials. The sensor can be quickly adjusted to the respective application with the 7-segment display and easy menu guidance. Various teach-in processes as well as an integrated job save increase the flexibility during commissioning in a large range of applications - with very high process stability.

At a glance
  • 31.2 kHz switching frequency at a response time of 16 µs
  • High dynamic range
  • Multi-functional 7-segment display
  • Job save for easy format change
  • 1-point, 2-point and dynamic teach-in
  • Master-slave function
  • A wide range of different fibers


Designed for easy and flexible use with little installation space

The KTL180 contrast sensor makes detecting objects in fast moving machine processes reliable and easy: The high switching frequency and grayscale resolution ensure fast contrast detection. The multifunction display, different teach-in methods, job backups, and customizable settings of the sensor make it easier to employ in a wide variety of applications. The compact design of the KTL180 enables it to be used where only limited space is available.

Easy and intuitive setting using the 7-segment display and countless setting options for individual sensor use.

How it works

Visual feedback for sensor configuration and process visualization The KTL180 can be set intuitively using the 7-segment display and offers an optimal visualization of the processes to be detected at the same time
Individual sensor setting via display The KTL180 can be individually set to different application requirements with its teach-in function – and handling is also simple

KTL180 – the new fiber contrast sensor

Compact: Ideal for use with limited installation space
Powerful: With 31.2 kHz switching frequency, it is perfectly suited for high-speed machine processes
Highly flexible: Quick format change due to integrated job save

Thanks to its high performance and easy handling, the KTL180 is suited for flexible use in all applications in which quick and accurate contrast detection is important.

Flexible in use thanks to the extensive fiber portfolio

The KTL180 contrast sensor can be adapted to different applications and requirements with a variety of fibers. Whether the fiber head is made of plastic or glass fibers, whether it is flat or bent by 90 degrees, whether the light spot geometries are simple or complex: With the right fibers, the KTL180 is equipped for nearly any application. Existing fibers can be connected to the sensor using adapters.

Unlimited possibilities with the KTL180

Fibers for all common safety applications
Special fiber head for a wide light spot geometry
Fiber adapters for more flexibility

The KTL180 covers a wide range of applications - a large selection of fibers makes it possible.


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Dimensions (W x H x D)10.5 mm x 33.2 mm x 71.9 mm
    Sensing distance30 mm 1)
    Type of lightLED, white 2)
    Switching frequency31.2 kHz
    Response time16 µs
    Switching output



    Adjustment1-point teach-in, 2-point teach-in, teach-in dynamic
    Connection type

    Male connector M8, 4-pin

    Cable with plug M12, 5-pin
    300 mm

    Cable open end
    2,000 mm

    Communication interface-
    • 1) Depends on the fiber used.
    • 2) Average service life: 100,000 h at TU = +25 °C.
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product