• Order
    How do I place an order?

    You can place an order via our webpage

    www.sick.es, via fax (+34 93 473 4469) or by e-mail (pedidos@sick.es).

    For any inquiries regarding orders please contact pedidos@sick.es or call +34 93 480 3100.


    How do I determine the applicable price?

    If you are a registered user you can consult the regular sales price and your usual discount.

    For unregistered users, the regular sales price will be visible.


    Is my product available?

    On our product page you can consult product availability by choosing a product family

    or by introducing a part number on our product page.

    You can also contact us by phone (+34 93 480 3100).


  • Shipping
    What is the product delivery time?

    Delivery times can be consulted introducing the part number on our website www.sick.es.

    Delivery times may vary according to product families and quantities.

    After placing an order the delivery time will be included in the order confirmation.


    Where is my shipment?

    Once an order has been shipped, you will receive a tracking number. If you have any questions regarding

    shipped orders, you can contact us by e-mail (pedidos@sick.es) or by phone (+34 93 480 3100).


  • Service
    How do I get help with technical questions?

    For technical support we kindly ask you to contact our Helpdesk

    via e-mail (sas@sick.es) or telephone (+34 93 480 3093).


    How do I order an on-site service?

    For information regarding our on-site service please contact our Service Department

    via e-mail (sat@sick.es) or telephone (+34 93 480 3110).