Tailored encoder solutions

In the same way that a bicycle must be perfectly tailored to the cyclist before they can perform real feats, encoders must be perfectly suited to the industry in which they are being used.

This is why SICK always offers the ideal solution for your individual encoder requirements. The basis for this is provided by numerous standard variants, which can be configured for the most diverse tasks and can therefore be perfectly integrated into widely varied industry processes. And if the various configuration options don't lead to the best result for you, then we can develop a solution with you that is fully tailored to your task. 
Cooperation with the SICK team of experts, who specialize in the implementation of tailored encoder requirements, leads to the highest product quality, simple handling, optimum logistics, absolute transparency, and the best support.
So which connection will it be? Which mechanism do you need and which interface would you like? We build your encoder exactly the way you need it. Select shaft dimensions, mounting systems, accessories, and configure the encoder to meet your requirements. 
Your selection options:  
  • Connection type with tailored lengths of cable, fixed male connector, wire and pin assignment 
  • Mounting systems with adapter flange, mounting hole patterns in the flange and torque support 
  • Electrical interfaces with tailored configuration and communication interface
  • Various shaft dimensions with wavelength, design, and diameter 
Tailored accessories, pre-installed on request.
Does your application require a highly specialized encoder design? Then please get in touch with us. We will work with you to develop a solution.


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