Sensor solutions for mobile platforms: Load handling

Load handling image
Load handling image

A core function of mobile platforms is the transportation of goods. SICK offers a wide solutions portfolio for detecting, positioning and identifying goods.




Load detection

Sensors detect the presence of goods, check for empty shelves or the correct alignment on the mobile platform towards the freight. The solutions range from simple detection sensors, through measuring devices, to 2D LiDAR sensors.

Detection with Photoelectric sensors

Detection with Ultrasonic sensors

Detection with Mid range distance sensors

Detection with TiM5xx 2D LiDAR sensor

Identification and tracking

SICK offers a wide portfolio of all common identification technologies. Scalable solutions for 1D and 2D bar codes, as well as RFID tags are available.

Identification with laser based bar code scanners

Identification with image based code readers 

Identification with RFID





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The robot moves outdoors along the paths between the plant holders, and detects, grips, weighs, photographs, and waters the holders automatically according to the instructions of the researchers, which they transmit directly from their workstations. All of these required functions are based on integrated equipment from SICK.

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