Product ID – unique identification and fast access to product information

Working with SICK in the digital world

The unique, standardized identification of sensor solutions and data provides the foundation for easy digital interaction and digital offerings in a world that is currently undergoing a transformation phase. It is especially important that every product and every sensor be individually and uniquely identifiable. 

The Product ID from SICK offers exactly this unique identifier and standardized, fast access to production information as well as relating offerings, e.g., SensorApps. In this way we are supporting your digital activities and creating the foundation for groundbreaking automation solutions that offer you even more convenience in your digital business field.

All SICK sensors will progressively be assigned and delivered with a Product ID.

SICK is a member of the Digital Data Chain Consortium

Standards and platforms ensure a problem-free exchange of information between all partners. It is exactly these standards and technologies that industrial users and solution suppliers such as SICK have been jointly working on in the Digital Data Chain Consortium.

SICK solutions with a Product ID therefore meet the requirements of DIN SPEC 91406 and the future IEC 61406 standard.


One Product ID – many advantages


  • Unique identification of devices
  • Easier and direct access to all product information
  • Fast entry of the product in SICK AssetHub, where all assets can be simply and clearly managed
  • Compatible with the industry standards DIN SPEC 91406 and IEC 61406
  • Foundation for solutions on the path to digital transformation

 More information about SICK Asset Hub:

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SICK AssetHub

Product ID – here’s how it works

  1. Scan the QR code or enter the link directly in your browser.
  2. On the website select whether you require general information on the product or want to register and manage the device in AssetHub.
  3. General information at There you can directly access all information, data sheets, and details of the particular device and can download them directly.
  4. Use in SICK AssetHub: When scanning the device for the first time, you can register it directly in AssetHub. You can then manage specific asset details for your device and also easily access further information relating to the product.

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