Monitoring of dust emissions

Measuring the dust concentration or opacity in the stack of a power plant fired by fossil fuels is a standard requirement. The exact measuring ranges and the number of components are dependent on local or national regulatory requirements and are indicated in the plant operating permit. The DUSTHUNTER SP100 probe type dust measuring device is suitable for very low to medium dust concentrations. The measurement is based on the forward scattering of light. The DUSTHUNTER T100 is a cross-duct type designed for measuring medium to high dust concentrations. The principle of operation is based on optical transmittance. Used with a suitable purge air blower, the DUSTHUNTER T100 is also suitable for measurements at high temperatures.

  • Following product families can be used
    The type approved transmissiometer with emission monitoring
    • For medium to high dust concentrations
    • On-board contamination check
    • Automated thorough check of zero and reference point
    • For small to large measuring distances
    Probe design with forward scattered light measurement
    • Installation from one side
    • For very low to medium dust concentrations
    • Automated check of zero and reference point
    • Contamination check
    • Hastelloy measuring probe available for corrosive gases
    • For small to medium duct diameters
    • Device version for explosive zone 2/22 or 1/21