Transparent processes and traceability through identification of washing machine drums during mounting

Data relevant to the assembly process is stored on the RFID transponder of the washing machine drum assembly. It triggers the individual manufacturing commands for this process step at the assembly station. The RFU61x RFID read/write device enables full transparency and traceability in the mounting steps of a washing machine drum. In addition, the transponder can also be used in subsequent process steps (e.g. in logistics).

  • Following product families can be used
    • Extremely compact design
    • Reading range up to 0.5 m
    • Connection option for trigger sensors
    • Linkage option to superior control systems or directly to the cloud
    • Antenna and data processing integrated in the sensor
    • Configuration via SOPAS ET or integrated web server
    • Can be used with SICK AppSpace
    • Rugged design in accordance with IP67