Multiple code reading on PCB panels

The Lector63x image-based code reader can identify all codes on a printed circuit board panel. The special software script makes it possible to selectively output or serialize individual codes according to customer requirements. The read rate can be raised considerably by recording several images from different angles. Thanks to its large field of view, the Lector63x can flexibly record codes regardless of their position, contrast ratios or conveyor speed. This means, for example, that retrofitting is no longer necessary when reading different E-card designs.

  • Following product families can be used
    Intelligent. Flexible. Intuitive.
    • Code reader with up to 2-megapixel sensor
    • Flexible optics and filter design
    • Integrated, replaceable high-power illumination
    • Intuitive user interface, with flexible result string with code analysis options
    • Function buttons, aiming laser, acoustic feedback signal, and green feedback LED
    • microSD memory card