Measurement of volume and weight

In conveying lines with high throughput, packages are automatically identified, weighed and measured when passing through a DWS station. The ICR890 image-based code reader records and processes 1D and 2D image data on up to six sides of a shipment. The VMS provides the parcel dimensions so subsequent loading can be optimized. Scales can also be integrated to record weight in the flow of goods for complete and exact calculation of freight costs. The master data can be updated with these measured values. In addition, this data can be used as a basis for reliable crediting processes with the forwarding company or the CEP service provider.

  • Following product families can be used
    Your “package solution” from a single source
    • Legal-for-trade capture of volume and weight data with integrated code reading
    • Flexible system design individually adapted for your application
    • Highest measurement accuracy – even in rough industrial environments
    • Extremely high read rates in combination with proven reliability
    • Full integration in existing conveyor systems without reduction of throughput