Monitoring conveyor belt operation

Conveyor belts transport raw materials and additives to interim storage facilities and then to storage areas and dispatch points. A conveyor belt malfunction can cause significant delays in production and involve major costs. Therefore it is necessary to monitor the operation of all conveyor belts, as well as the proper loading, unloading, and positioning of fuels. The Bulkscan® LMS511 laser volume flowmeter performs these tasks in combination with a DFS60 incremental encoder. The encoder provides the information on conveyor speed, while the Bulkscan® LMS511 laser volume flowmeter determines the volume flow, center of gravity of the load and load height with no contact and no wear.

  • Following product families can be used
    High resolution, programmable encoders for demanding applications
    • Pulses per revolution: Up to 65,536 (16 bit)
    • Housing diameter: 60 mm
    • Solid shaft, blind hollow shaft, through hollow shaft
    • Enclosure rating: IP65/IP67
    • Communication interfaces: TTL RS 422, HTL Push Pull, Sin/Cos
    • Connection type: M12 or M23 male connector, or universal cable
    • Programmable, compact installation depth, remote zero set possible
    Non-contact and maintenance-free measurement of volume flow
    • Efficient and cost-effective non-contact measurement of volume and mass flow of bulk materials
    • Laser pulses with high angular resolution ensure outstanding image resolution
    • Multi-echo pulse evaluation produces highly reliable measurements
    • Integrated function for determining the center-of-gravity of the bulk material
    • Rugged design for harsh ambient conditions
    • Integrated heater allows measurement even at low temperatures
    • Compact IP67 rated housing