Automatic detection and control of rack storage locations

A CLV65x or CLV69x fixed mount barcode scanner reads the barcode on a rack where metal coils (sheet metal coils) are stored, for example. The fixed mount barcode scanners then send the corresponding data to a central computer for monitoring. Using the data, it directs an automated guided vehicle (AGV) to the right rack to feed metal coils into production on schedule. As the AGV approaches the rack, the automatically controlled optics of the CLV65x or CLV69x provide the necessary depth of field. This enables high availability of the AGV even with fast-running reading processes.

  • Following product families can be used
    The highest level of flexibility and power
    • Advanced SMART+ code reconstruction technology
    • New and flexible cloning plug technology
    • CAN, Ethernet and serial communications available on board (dependent on cloning plug variant)
    • Large depth of field due to real-time auto focus
    • Consistent, user-friendly "SOPAS ET" software
    • Built-in tracking without the use of an additional system controller
    • Flexible sorting, filtering, and logical functions
    • Integrated LED bar graph with pushbuttons
    Always in auto focus
    • Huge depth of field due to auto focus
    • Integrated function buttons, e. g., for starting auto setup or reading quality evaluation
    • CAN, Ethernet TCP/IP, PROFINET, and EtherNet/IP on board. No additional Ethernet gateway required (for “Ethernet” connection type)
    • Enhanced SMART code reconstruction technology
    • Flexible sorting, filtering, and logical functions
    • Integrated web server for diagnostic data and network monitoring
    • Advanced, easy-to-use SOPAS configuration software
    • Integrated LED bar graph