Quality checking the windshield

Before the windshield is installed, an additional check must be carried out to establish that it has the desired properties. The IVC-2D smart camera checks whether the windshield has a heating wire. The LUT luminescence sensor detects whether a protective coating against UV light is present. The UV-sensitive LUT sensor is calibrated so that the path of the sensor beam goes through the windshield onto the mark. If the windshield is not coated, the beam can detect the mark through the glass unhindered. If the glass has a UV coating, on the other hand, the LUT beam is interrupted.

  • Following product families can be used
    For universal use with easy adjustment
    • Tough metal housing
    • Simple sensitivity adjustment in 8 stages
    • Bar graph display provides information about the luminescence intensity
    • Sensing distances selectable through interchangeable lenses
    • Additional optical filters suppress background luminescence
    • Fiber-optic cable connection (with 20 mm lens)
    • Switching and analog output
    High-performance camera for industrial use
    • Suitable for advanced inspections and measurements
    • Flexible working distance and field of view
    • Stand-alone operation, no PC needed
    • IP 65 rating
    • Easy-to-use interface with more than 110 software tools
    • Simple interfacing with PLCs, robots and control systems that support EtherNet/IP or OPC
    • Available in three different resolutions from fast VGA (0.3 MP) to high-resolution UXGA (1.9 MP)