Flexible and complete safety solution

Safety doors must remain closed until the dangerous movements in a process or of ther machine have been stopped. The i14 Lock electro-mechanical safety switch prevents unprotected access to the machine and is integrated into the machine control via the Flexi Classic safety controller. Pick-and-place machines are becoming more and more complex due to their increasing modularity. The Flexi Classic system is ideally equipped to meet the requirements of the future. The ES21 emergency stop push-button is indispensable for machines with dangerous movements allow the machine to be stopped.

  • Following product families can be used
    The software-programmable safety controller
    • Safety controller with modular hardware platform
    • Configuration saved in the system plug
    • Safe controller networking with Flexi Line
    • Safe series connection with Flexi Loop
    • Safe drive monitoring
    • Safe analog value monitoring
    • Flexi Soft Designer license-free configuration software
    Emergency stop pushbutton for fast and reliable stopping of the machine
    • Available either as a surface-mounted version with housing or as a built-in version (Ø 22 mm)
    • Built-in version for machine control panels with self-monitoring contacts between pushbutton and switching element
    • Surface-mounted version for direct mounting on different machines and systems
    • Variants with LED ring lighting
    • Optionally available with protective collar to prevent inadvertent actuation
    Small electro-mechanical safety locking device with status LED
    • Compact plastic housing
    • M20 x 1.5 cable entry gland
    • Power to release
    • Lock monitoring
    • LED locking indicator
    • Mechanical unlocking mechanism on three sides