Flow sensors

Non-contact and maintenance-free measurement of volume flow

Your Benefits

  • Maximizes conveyor throughput
  • Reduces maintenance costs by preventing belt slippage when using the Bulkscan® LMS511
  • Increases efficiency by optimizing belt capacity
  • Simple installation
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Offers savings through minimized energy consumption
  • The wide ambient operating temperature range makes it suitable for outdoor use


Non-contact and maintenance-free measurement of volume flow

The Bulkscan® uses non-contact time-of-flight technology to measure the volume flow of bulk materials on conveyor belts. Irrespective of the properties of the bulk material and the weather conditions, the Bulkscan® generates a reliable volume flow signal based on the laser’s time of flight and the belt speed thanks to multi-echo technology. Besides recording the total quantity and calculating the mass flow, the Bulkscan® comes with an integrated function for determining the center-of-gravity of the bulk material, thereby enabling it to detect uneven loading and thus avoid excessive belt wear. The rugged industrial housing is ideal for extreme operating conditions. An integrated heater ensures safe operation over a wide range of ambient temperatures. Discrete signals as well as Ethernet TCP/IP can be used to connect the measuring system to a host communication system.

At a glance
  • Efficient and cost-effective non-contact measurement of volume and mass flow of bulk materials
  • Laser pulses with high angular resolution ensure outstanding image resolution
  • Multi-echo pulse evaluation produces highly reliable measurements
  • Integrated function for determining the center-of-gravity of the bulk material
  • Rugged design for harsh ambient conditions
  • Integrated heater allows measurement even at low temperatures
  • Compact IP67 rated housing


Maximum transport capacity with minimum maintenance – non-contact volume flow measurement with the Bulkscan®

The detection of volume flows on industrial conveyor belts can be very demanding depending on the ambient conditions. Over time, dust, moisture and vibrations affect mechanical solutions such as belt scales. The consequence: Time-intensive maintenance or recalibration processes. With the Bulkscan®, on the other hand, the data can be continuously recorded using time-of-flight technology. The distance to the surface of the bulk material is measured without making contact. The starting point for calculation of the volume flow is the reference contour of the empty conveyor belt. The bulk material profile results from the difference between the reference value and the measured value. The volume flow can be calculated in combination with the belt speed. This makes it possible to determine the optimum belt speed and ensures economical belt utilization.
Direct detection of volume flow

Environmental influences such as moisture affect the bulk material mass. If belt scales are used on their own, incorrect volume assumptions can lead to overloading or underloading in downstream processes and to plant shutdowns. Direct volume detection with the Bulkscan® prevents this.

Determining the belt speed

The Bulkscan® can be combined with an encoder to obtain accurate measurement data for conveyor belts running at variable speeds. It delivers the current belt speed to the Bulkscan®.

The non-contact measurement principle of the Bulkscan® ensures a long service life of the sensor technology as well as consistently reliable measurement data.

Designed for extreme conditions

Whether in snow or in rain: Reliable data for bulk material transport is necessary even under harsh ambient conditions and with heavy contamination. The Bulkscan® is designed for these types of extreme situations. The proven 5-echo pulse technology of the Bulkscan® LMS511 filters out interfering echoes caused by dust, fog, glass or precipitation, to name a few examples, thereby delivering reliable measurement results. The IP67 housing also reliably protects the sensor technology from the penetration of dust and moisture. Designed for a wide range of temperatures, an integrated heating element keeps the electronics at operating temperature even in the coldest conditions.

Compensation of weather conditions thanks to 5-echo technology

The 5-echo technology of the Bulkscan® LMS511 enables reliable and high-precision volume flow measurements in nearly any weather conditions.

High-quality components in a rugged housing

The rugged housing with enclosure rating IP67 makes the Bulkscan® resistant to dust and water.

The Bulkscan® ensures maximum reliability for volume flow measurement in outdoor areas, regardless of weather conditions.

Optimize processes with additional Bulkscan® functions

The Bulkscan® can calculate the height of bulk material in the center of the conveyor belt or the highest point of the bulk material. This way, large rocks can be detected in a timely manner before blocking or damaging equipment in downstream machining processes. The sensor can also calculate the center of gravity of the bulk material. Asymmetrical belt filling or uneven mass distribution can cause the belt to skew, increasing wear. The monitoring of the center of gravity forms the basis for correction of the belt load, thus extending plant availability. In addition, the Bulkscan® LMS511 makes it possible to detect belt skew and material loss. The sensor swiftly detects the loading position and limit with the belt monitoring function. This ensures optimal plant utilization.

Measuring the level

More safety in downstream processing steps through monitoring of the height profile and warning in case of abnormalities.

Calculating the center of gravity

There is less wear on conveyor belts and rollers thanks to center-of-gravity calculation of the bulk material, which can detect one-sided loading.

Belt monitoring

Continuous belt monitors checks whether the conveyor belt is drifting too far from the ideal running position, reduces plant wear and also prevents material loss.

The additional functions of the Bulkscan® minimize unplanned downtime and reduce maintenance work, as faulty loads are detected immediately.

Numerous communication interfaces for a wide range of applications

The Bulkscan® flow sensor can be integrated very easily into almost any production environment thanks to multiple communication interfaces. In addition to Ethernet, RS-232/RS-422 and binary switching inputs and outputs are available. The device can be accessed via UBS interface during maintenance. With the optional BAM100 I/O module, the digital measured values can be converted into analog signals on four channels. This enables the use of the Bulkscan® even without external controllers and increases the options for integration.

Different communication interfaces within larger plant networks are no problem for the Bulkscan® thanks to its wide range of output signals.


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Measurement principleLaser run time technology
    MediumBulk solids
    Output signal


    Digital inputs and digital outputs

    USB auxiliary interface


    Max. conveyor speed30 m/s / ≤ 20 m/s
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