Driving Your Industry 4ward – Making Great Strides into the Future

Industry 4.0 is the full digitization of production and logistics – right down to machines that control themselves and optimize their own work steps.

Intelligent sensors are a crucial element of this vision. This is why SICK is already laying the foundations for the dynamic and real-time-optimized processes of the future.

As providers of data, sensors are an essential technology in smart factories. As sensor experts, we understand the responsibility we bear: Our products, systems, and services are consistently designed for reliability, including in virtual networks. We enable our customers to collect targeted, application-specific data by individually configuring our sensors for optimized and efficient production processes.

The seamless networking of individual production steps means that you can combine these steps in any way you require, with full traceability. You can create tailored products on request and all production steps become fully traceable in real time – efficiency, flexibility, and transparency are the hallmarks of the smart factory.


Industry 4.0 with Sensor Intelligence from SICK

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Technological progress is always a prerequisite for industrial change. The data-based, networked, and autonomous value creation chain in production and logistics is the culmination of recent technological innovation.

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Industry 4.0 – Networked Reality

Networked production and control processes in complex machine environments will determine the future in Industry 4.0. The success of networked value creation chains is heavily dependent on the successful integration of sensors in the overall architecture of an application.

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Industry 4.0: A Matter of Application

The intelligence of our sensors is the result of our wide-ranging expertise as a product, system, and service specialist. We develop integrated and tailored solutions for our customers across a wide range of industries.

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From Data Security to Data Sovereignty

Our products and system solutions are right at the very beginning of the networked value creation chain. If you take human input out of your process, sensor technology is the only source of production data – and the reliability of this data affects the subsequent success of the networked processes.

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Industry 4.0 Portfolio

Since 2004, we have consistently worked to implement intelligent sensor technology in more and more product versions. This technology is the key to Industry 4.0 and is already embedded in a wide range of networked application solutions.

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