Ultrasonic sensors

The intelligent ultrasonic allrounder with the flexible design

Your Benefits

  • High performance in compact housing
  • Insensitive to harsh conditions such as rain, fog and dust
  • Powerful due to application-specific adaptable sonic cone with interference echo suppression
  • Quick integration thanks to push-lock mounting concept
  • Plug and play sensor with proven factory settings for covering numerous standardized applications
  • Easy parameterization via teach-in buttons and IO-Link
  • Lower warehousing costs due to variant reduction thanks to combined interfaces
  • Ideal solution for optically demanding conditions


The intelligent ultrasonic allrounder with the flexible design

The UC40 is a compact ultrasonic sensor for medium distances that precisely detects the distance, presence or position of objects, regardless of material color and ambient light. That means it is also suitable for level monitoring and collision avoidance. Thanks to the convenient push-lock mounting concept and integrated analog and digital interfaces with IO-Link, the UC40 can be installed quickly and used anywhere. A rotatable sensor head facilitates alignment while IO-Link and teach-in buttons accelerate parameterization. The sonic cone can be adjusted variably to the requirements on site. Interference signals can be easily suppressed. This increases performance and ensures reliable object detection.

At a glance
  • Measuring range up to 5,000 mm
  • Individually adaptable sonic cone and interference echo suppression
  • Push-pull digital output with IO-Link and analog output
  • Teach-in buttons and status detection with 4 LEDs
  • Rotatable sensor head and push-lock mounting concept
  • Integrated temperature compensation
  • Diagnostic functions via IO-Link



It doesn't get much easier than this: Thanks to the intuitive push-lock mounting concept, the UC40 is installed in no time at all. Proven factory settings that ensure proper operation in numerous standard applications, a fast teach-in of the sensor, and pre-defined sound beam setups are three key features that ensure problem-free integration in a plug and play manner. Thanks to its market-proven, compact housing design and rotatable sensor head, the UC40 is also ideal for tight installation situations.

Compact powerhouse The state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology in the UC40 ensures a high level of performance at distances up to 5,000 mm despite its especially compact design.
Press, rotate, start The practical push-lock mounting concept speeds up installation thereby saving money sensor by sensor.
Imperviousness to heat included

Ultrasonic distance measurement is temperature-dependent. To nevertheless provide reliable data at all times, the UC40 comes with an integrated temperature compensation. The ambient temperature is continuously recorded and the measured value calculation automatically adjusted.

Added convenience: Thanks to easy mounting and tried-and-tested factory settings, the compact UC40 can be very quickly integrated into a system.

Strong performance meets full flexibility

Every application has its unique requirements. It's great when a sensor can be tailored to these. The UC40 comes with three pre-defined sound cone settings that can be used to optimize its performance for the specific application. A configurable interference echo suppression is also included. It effectively removes unwanted ranges and ensures a stable signal. A selectable sensitivity hysteresis also stabilizes the signal for laterally approaching objects. Whether everything is working as expected can be checked on-site in a fraction of a second by means of the 4 status LEDs.
Teach-in anywhere, anytime The UC40 provides flexible teach-in options. On-site via teach-in buttons on the sensor, or remotely via a cable and IO-Link. The special feature for more efficient use of your time: All synchronized devices can be parameterized at once.
Parameterization in seconds, diagnostics in real time

The sensor can be precisely tailored using the latest version of our configuration and visualization software SOPAS.

The signal quality can also be monitored during operation via IO-Link. If the signal strength drops, the cause can be quickly found and corrected before it has a costly effect on system availability.

Less variants, more possibilities

Whether with a push-pull output for IO-Link or as a variant with a second signal output that can be used as an analog current/voltage output or additional push-pull output: The lean interface concept ensures more flexibility while also lowering inventory costs.

An ultrasonic sensor that adapts: Almost all mid-range applications from 65 mm to 5,000 mm can be unproblematically equipped with the UC40 – thanks to its diverse parameterization options and imperviousness to interference signals.

The all-rounder for distance measurement

From production to logistics – the UC40 makes reliable distance measurement possible in a wide range of applications. Being an all-rounder, it is used for position measuring, presence detection, level measurement, or the detection of solid, powdery and liquid media. Even demanding conditions do not impact its performance. The rugged housing design with enclosure rating IP65/67 makes the sensor impervious to dust, contamination and fog. The measurement quality also remains consistently high thanks to the powerful ultrasonic technology – regardless of material color, gloss, transparency and ambient light.

Packing machines The UC40 detects reliably and regardless of ambient light when there is an object in the machine and how far it is from the sensor.
Conveyor systems

Whether snow or sunshine, dust or fog – the distance sensor delivers precise measurement data in both indoor and outdoor use. This is made possible by a combination of rugged housing and low interference technology including integrated temperature compensation.

Mobile machines

When used in autonomous transport vehicles, the UC40 measures the distance to other objects especially reliably and provides continuously updated data for collision avoidance.

Reliable distance values regardless of wind and weather: Thanks to state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology, the UC40 delivers reliable data even in demanding conditions. The makes it an all-rounder and the sensor of choice when you need more than just a standard device.


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Measuring range
    Operating range65 mm ... 3,400 mm
    Limiting range600 mm ... 5,000 mm
    Resolution0.1 mm / 1 mm
    Repeatability± 0.15 %
    Response time64 ms ... 160 ms 1)
    Output time16 ms ... 41.6 ms
    Switching frequency

    10 Hz

    7 Hz

    4 Hz

    Analog output4 mA ... 20 mA, ≤ 500 Ω 2)
    0 V ... 10 V, ≥ 100,000 Ω
    Digital output
    TypePush-pull: PNP/NPN
    IO-Link✔ , IO-Link V1.1
    Enclosure rating



    Sending axisStraight
    Ambient temperature, operation–25 °C ... +70 °C
    • 1) Subsequent smoothing of the analog output, depending on the application, may increase the response time by up to 200 %.
    • 2) For 4 mA ... 20 mA and Vs ≤ 20 V max. load ≤ 100 Ω.
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product