Object detection systems

Driver assistance system for detecting and measuring a windrow

Your Benefits

  • Save time and increase efficiency using automatic speed control to drive at the maximum working speed
  • Driver fatigue can be reduced thanks to automatic steering and speed control, particularly in poor-visibility conditions or when driving at night
  • Reduced machine downtime by avoiding material jam
  • Optimal filling and material distribution in the chamber
  • Does not require a control unit thanks to an intelligent sensor with integrated application software
  • The sensor outputs the windrow position and volume
  • Simple integration in the vehicle due to standardized interface


Driver assistance system for detecting and measuring a windrow

The WGS (Windrow Guidance System) consists of a TiM351 laser scanner with integrated application software. Once integrated into a driver assistance system or vehicle automation system, the system enables the control of agricultural vehicles. The sensor system detects and measures the windrow. The TiM351 fitted to the vehicle profiles the ground in front of the vehicle transversely to the direction of travel. Based on the ground profile, the system extracts the windrow profile, determines its position, and calculates the cross-sectional area. The vehicle speed and the cross-sectional areas are combined to calculate and add up the windrow volume. If the current wheel angle or yaw rate are available, the sensor calculates a vehicle model. The exact windrow progression is determined using the vehicle’s known proper motion. This allows for great precision when controlling the vehicle in a transverse direction and allows for optimal positioning in relation to the windrow.

At a glance
  • Determining windrow trajectory (course of the windrow) and absolute windrow position for automatic lateral control
  • Determining the windrow volume for automatic speed control
  • Integrated vehicle model for calculating the proper motion
  • Integrated self-diagnostic function