Object detection systems
AOS Radar

Your Benefits

  • High detection reliability and performance in any weather conditions
  • Individual determination of objects with high potential for collision
  • Flexible installation location
  • Simple system expansion
  • All common interfaces for connection to the customer system
  • Standalone operation and quick alarming without cable connection to the customer system
  • Global access via web browser and user data


The AOS Radar (Advanced Object Detection System) object detection system enables early detection of dangerous situations with a high potential for collision. The data recorded by the radar sensor is then evaluated multiple times to rule out incorrect detection and clearly verify objects. Even in difficult weather conditions, it offers high detection reliability. The system solution thus helps increase safety and prevent accidents. The unit responsible for evaluation and alarming is the integrated TDC-E200 gateway system, which has a wireless communications interface in addition to industrial interfaces. In combination with an optional solar extension, completely autonomous operation of the AOS Radar is possible.

At a glance
  • Non-contact measurement process with radar technology
  • Can be expanded to max. two radar sensors
  • Evaluation and alarming using the TDC-E200 (Telematic Data Collector)
  • Application-specific parameterization
  • Wireless communications interface and optional solar kit
  • Web-based user interface


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Supply voltage24 V (9.5 V ... 36 V)
    Ambient temperature, operation–20 °C ... +65 °C 1)
    Driving speed10 km/h ... 140 km/h
    • 1) RMS320 (sensor should be protected from direct sunlight with a weather guard to keep it from overheating.).
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