Safety systems
Safe Portal

Your Benefits

  • You benefit from high plant availability using reliable safety laser scanners – no muting sensors are required
  • Allows for adaptive production processes because different vehicles or other objects can pass through
  • Quick and easy integration into existing controls
  • You save space and money and reduce hardware maintenance by eliminating swinging doors
  • Take advantage of the expertise of SICK for efficient implementation of the safety system


The TÜV-certified Safe Portal safety system is used for efficient access monitoring at material transfer stations. It consists of two safety laser scanners and a function block for the Siemens S7 control and fulfills the requirements of EN ISO 13849. The vertically aligned safety laser scanners seamlessly and reliably protect applications up to PL d with intelligent protective field evaluation. Compared to other solutions for human-material differentiation, this ensures uninterrupted personal safety in any situation. At the same time, objects with predefined contours can safely pass through the portal. This enables a very flexible production process at the highest possible productivity.

At a glance
  • TÜV-certified system with permanent protective field monitoring and PL d
  • Detection of objects through intelligent protective field evaluation
  • Function block for integration into Siemens S7 controls
  • Only 2 safety laser scanners with vertical alignment of the protective fields required