Safety laser scanners
S3000 PROFINET IO Advanced

Always available – safety technology in your network

Your Benefits

  • Reliable, fault-tolerant communication with FPLC control system using state-of-the-art optical fiber technology
  • Efficient, cost-effective protection – networking through direct integration into PROFINET IO networks
  • Rapid diagnostics using remote access prevents downtime
  • Standardized integration in FPLC controllers thanks to GSDML generic station description
  • Large protective field range of 7 m enables a large variety of applications
  • Quick recommissioning via configuration memory
  • Easy installation, commissioning and maintenance for stationary and mobile applications
  • Decades of proven safety technology guarantee maximum reliability and availability – even under difficult conditions


Always available – safety technology in your network

The S3000 PROFINET IO enables safe and reliable bus communication employing the safe PROFIsafe protocol and can be configured with up to four protective and four warning fields. By using the PROFINET-IO bus interface all signals are being processed by the superior controller (FPLC). The safety laser scanner is connected to the controller via a generic station description file (GSDML). Besides copper based conductors also optical fiber conductors are utilized as transmission medium. The managed 2-port-switch of the I/O module is alternatively equipped with SCRJ connectors for optical fiber or RJ45 for copper conductors. A system plug with configuration memory enables fast device exchange. Simultaneous monitoring of separate protective fields can be easily configured. The process image offers notifications and alarms for simple administration and diagnostics from a centralized point. Large fieldbus installations can also be operated economically.

At a glance
  • Direct integration in PROFINET IO safe bus system
  • 4 m, 5.5 m or 7 m protective field range
  • 4 switchable field sets
  • Managed 2-Port switch for copper or optical fiber based conductors
  • Configuration memory integrated in the system plug
  • Remote diagnostics and configuration through safety controller
  • Simultaneous monitoring of 2 protective fields


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Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    ApplicationIndoor area
    Protective field range4 m / 5.5 m / 7 m
    Warning field range49 m
    Scanning angle190°
    Number of fields8
    Number of monitoring cases4
    Response time60 ms 1)
    OSSD pairs0
    Integration in the control systemPROFINET PROFIsafe
    Performance levelPL d (EN ISO 13849)
    • 1) Depending on basic response time and multiple sampling.
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