2D LiDAR sensors

Long-range laser technology for use in harsh industrial environments

Your Benefits

  • Reliable operation even in harsh ambient conditions
  • Reduce ownership costs by using one device type for several different applications
  • Reliable detection of small objects at long distances
  • Easy adaptation to existing customer-specific systems


Long-range laser technology for use in harsh industrial environments

The LD-OEM 2D LiDAR sensor has been designed for use in harsh ambient conditions, such as those found in the steel and port automation industries. The LD-OEM features a high resolution that can measure small objects or provide the exact position of larger objects. The LD-OEM is based on a hardware structure having a high-performance DSP (digital signal processor) for laser measurement and for the I/O data stream. Field monitoring is also integrated into the scanner. This makes it possible to monitor both horizontal and vertical surfaces for intrusions by people or objects. Using simple configuration software, the user can define the shape and size of the area to be monitored, taking into account all fixed on-site features and objects. External user-programmed applications such as profile recognition applications for robots are then able to use the output scan data.

At a glance
  • Long sensing range even when detecting dark surfaces
  • Eye-safe laser technology
  • High angular resolution of up to 0.125 degrees
  • High level of immunity to solar radiation and other infrared light sources
  • Synchronous monitoring of up to four freely definable fields
  • Real-time output of measurement data via Ethernet interface
  • Gap-free scanning with uniform laser spot over the full 360-degree angle