2D LiDAR sensors

High-Performance, Long-distance Laser Scanner for Outdoor Areas

Your Benefits

  • Reliable operation even in harsh ambient conditions
  • Low installation costs due to large monitoring areas
  • Reliable detection of small objects at long distances
  • Easy installation options for excavators and crane systems


High-Performance, Long-distance Laser Scanner for Outdoor Areas

The superior technology of the LD-LRS 2D LiDAR sensor with scanning ranges of up to 250 m automates ship loading operations when using quay cranes, greatly reducing the time spent in the loading port. The high-performance laser optics system performs non-contact scanning of the container stack and precisely detects all obstacles impeding the movement. The LD-LRS provides precise measurement data to determine the container stack profile, thus saving time and ensuring the highest level of handling reliability during loading.

The profile measurement of the filling state of bulk material stockpiles can be converted into a 3D model in order to determine the exact surface structure of the stockpile for controlling the loading system, which then optimizes removal.

At a glance
  • Long sensing range even when detecting dark surfaces
  • High angular resolution of up to 0.0625 degrees
  • High immunity to solar radiation
  • Synchronous monitoring of up to six different fields
  • Small laser spot diameter even at long distances