Connection Device Basic

Simplifies 4Dpro sensor commissioning

Your Benefits

  • Compact design fits into small spaces
  • Two mounting holes for fast, precise installation saves on installation costs
  • Clearly labeled, easily accessible screw- and spring-loaded terminals save time when connecting to peripherals
  • Quick, easy configuration with switches reduces installation time
  • Industrial-standard connection guarantees a reliable application solution
  • CMC600 parameter cloning module allows rapid exchange and replacement of connected sensors


Simplifies 4Dpro sensor commissioning

The proven Connection Device Basic (CDB) offers a wide range of options for quickly connecting one 4Dpro sensor – via SICK CAN sensor network, host PCs or PLCs – in accordance with industrial standards. Both the sensor and the connection module meet all IP 65 enclosure rating requirements for dust and water spray protection. In addition, the CDB can connect to a CMC600 parameter cloning module. It can be installed in the provided slot and stores all of the connected 4Dpro sensor's parameters. When exchanging a sensor, all application-specific parameters are thus copied into the new 4Dpro sensor of the same type.

At a glance
  • Connection module for one 4Dpro sensor
  • Clearly visible, easily accessible screw- and spring-loaded terminals
  • Connection diagram on the inside of the lid
  • Configuration with switches
  • IP 65 connection for one 4Dpro sensor using standard connection cable
  • Basis for CMC600 parameter cloning module
  • Service plug for direct access to the AUX interface


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Supported products

    Mobile handheld scanners



    CLV61x - CLV65x




    Lector® series

    CLV62x - CLV64x (depending on type)


    RFID read/write device

    InspectorP series


All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product