Robot-assisted palletizing with vision sensors

During palletizing, robots stack boxes of different shapes and sizes on top of each other. Using its 3D snapshot technology, the Visionary-T 3D vision sensor detects in real time if and where on the pallet there is still space for newly arriving boxes. At the same time, the sensor detects whether boxes on the pallet are incorrectly aligned. In the second step, it records the size and shape of the boxes on the inbound belt in order to determine their optimal location on the pallet, e.g. by palletizing the boxes according to their size. This allows palletizing processes to be optimized and throughput to be increased without incurring additional freight costs.

  • Following product families can be used
    3D snapshot – for versatile use indoors
    • Record up to 50 3D images per second
    • Distance values: 144 x 176 pixels per recording
    • Output of 3D data via a Gigabit Ethernet interface and simple digital outputs
    • Provision of application-specific data
    • Temperature range: 0 °C ... 50 °C or 0 °C ... 45 °C (depending on the housing), enclosure rating: IP67