360° protection for automated guided vehicles

The automated guided vehicle’s main driving direction is not the only area requiring protection: The vehicles sides do as well. Safety laser scanners such as the S300 product family feature a scanning angle of 270°. When installed on the two corner areas of the vehicle, the laser scanners also provide protection to people located along the vehicle’s sides. To eliminate blind zones along the vehicles, the scanGrid2 safety multibeam scanner can also be installed on the sides.

  • Following product families can be used
    Flexible and pioneering – for challenging applications
    • Compact design
    • 2 m or 3 m protective field range
    • 270° scan angle
    • 16 switchable field sets
    • Configuration memory integrated in the system plug
    • EFI interface for safe SICK device communication
    • Incremental encoder inputs for speed-dependent field switching
    • Extended measured data output via RS-422 with landmark recognition
    Worldwide revolutionary safety solution for line-guided small vehicles
    • The world’s first LiDAR multibeam scanner with safe solid state technology
    • Perfectly designed for the requirements of line-guided AGCs: PL c, 1.1 m scanning range, 150° scanning angle
    • Compact – only 43 mm high
    • Diagnostic data and clone function for configuration via the Safety Assistant app and the Safety Designer software

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