Image-based code readers

Your Benefits

  • Flexible in use: small design, variable reading distances and reading of codes on different material colors
  • Increase in productivity: code reading is possible even if the quality of the code is poor or if the surfaces are glossy
  • Low-cost commissioning: snap-in mounting done in seconds and automated parameterization
  • An industrial trend: integrated optics with magnifier effect for mini codes on small components and integrated distance measurement


The Lector61x is the smallest image-based code reader of the Lector® series. It is used for the reliable detection of 1D, 2D and stacked codes and is characterized by excellent reading properties for very small codes, regardless of the surface quality or the material color. The compact housing with flexible cable routing makes it the ideal code reader for production lines where space is tight. Its variable and stepless focus adjustment enables use for long and short reading distances and low-cost installation is possible thanks to the snap-in mounting.

At a glance
  • Powerful DPM code reader
  • Compact design
  • Snap-in mounting done in seconds
  • Stepless focus adjustment from 50 to 300 mm with millimeter precision
  • Controllable multi-color lights with optional polarizing filter
  • Magnifier effect for detection of the smallest codes
  • Easy auto set-up
  • Integrated laser distance measurement (ToF)



Space-saving format

The Lector61x is an ultracompact camera-based code reader that requires a minimum of space to install.

Flexible mounting

Thanks to the connector with flexible cable routing, the Lector61x can also fit into very restricted installation spaces on assembly machines, for example in the electronics industry.

Integrated magnifying effect

The Lector61x offers an increased read range of 50 to 300 mm as well as a special optical design with magnifying effect. This makes it especially versatile and enables it to read microcodes of less than 1 mm in size.

Saves space but not performance: The compact construction including connector with flexible cable routing, and the special optical design of the Lector61x make it suitable for a variety of applications in production lines where installation space is at a premium.

Simply click-in, adjust and set up

Rapid mounting The snap-in bracket makes mounting quick and cost-effective. Further optical accessories such as a polarizing filter can be attached easily without the need for additional tools. The integrated position sensor also saves time and effort when aligning the Lector61x.
Continuously variable focus The infinitely adjustable focus position from 50 mm to 300 mm ensures maximum focusing flexibility. A further advantage: The front screen does not need to be removed during focusing, and the built-in distance sensor provides feedback as soon as the image is sharp.
Intelligent parameterization A setup wizard guides the user quickly and clearly through the parameterization process. The Lector61x adjusts itself automatically. Thanks to automated parameter switching, it handles changing read conditions extremely well thereby guaranteeing a higher read rate.

Ready for use in next to no time: Thanks to the rapid mounting, easy set up, and automated configuration, the Lector61x saves time, effort and therefore costs.

Made for any task

Also likes low contrasts Thanks to the high-performance DPM decoder, the Lector61x can also reliably read low-contrast and/or distorted DPM codes.
Doesn’t mind it small The integrated special optics with magnifying effect enables the Lector61x to read even the smallest microcodes with a cell size of up to 0.02 mm for 1D codes and 0.04 mm for 2D codes.
Loves all colors With its all-in-one illumination concept and adjustable illumination color, the Lector61x masters a variety of surface colors and characteristics.

Small, fast, universal: The Lector61x can be tailored to a wide variety of requirements, and delivers reliable results even under difficult conditions thereby helping to increase productivity.


The sensor manufacturer SICK offers a broad portfolio of identification and vision solutions which are developed and produced in-house. Whichever solution you choose today, you can be sure of a flexible future with the 4Dpro concept. All 4Dpro sensors are compatible and interchangeable with one another. Standardized connectivity, a standardized user interface, and a standardized accessory concept – we call this unique combination 4Dpro.
Standardized connectivity All 4Dpro sensors feature the same modular connectivity. This provides the basis for a flexible fieldbus link combined with high process reliability. What’s more, you benefit twice over: the purchase order process is less complicated and integration is quicker and easier.
Standardized user interface All 4Dpro sensors use SICK’s universal device configuration software. This means that you can quickly familiarize yourself with all technologies. Data is sent to the control in the required format and the inputs and outputs of the 4Dpro sensors can be analyzed quickly by an event monitor.

Investment security, easy commissioning, low level of training required, fast and flexible exchange, even when switching between different identification technologies.

SICK LifeTime Services

SICK’s services increase machine and plant productivity, enhance the safety of people all over the world, provide a solid foundation for a sustainable business operation, and protect investment goods. In addition to its usual consulting services, SICK provides direct on-site support during the conceptual design and commissioning phases as well as during operation.

The range of services not only covers aspects like maintenance and inspection, but also includes performance checks as well as upgrades and retrofits. Modular or customized service contracts extend the service life of plants and therefore increase their availability. If faults occur or limit values are exceeded, these are detected at all times by the corresponding sensors and systems.

Consulting and design Application-specific advice on the product, its integration and the application itself.
Commissioning and maintenance Application-optimized and sustainable ─ thanks to professional commissioning and maintenance by a trained SICK service technician.
Service contracts Extended warranty, SICK Remote Service, 24-hour helpdesk, maintenance, availability guarantees and other modular components can be individually combined on request.


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    FocusAdjustable focus (manually)
    Sensor resolution

    640 px x 480 px

    1,280 px x 960 px

    Scanning frequency40 Hz
    Reading distance50 mm ... 300 mm
    Enclosure ratingIP54
    Ethernet✔ , TCP/IP
    Serial✔ , RS-232
    Weight165 g
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product