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intelligent sensoring
intelligent sensoring

Industrial automation is changing at an extremely rapid pace. As an innovation leader on the vanguard of developing cutting-edge sensor technology, SICK offers solutions today that are ready for the challenges of the future – with intelligent sensors that collect data, evaluate it in real time, adapt to their environment, and communicate in the network.


“Sensor Intelligence.”: A Tailored Solution

With all our solutions, we bear the individual requirements of your processes in mind. “Sensor Intelligence.” draws on all of SICK’s system expertise, supplemented by our experience in a variety of sectors. We combine our detailed application knowledge with reliable software architecture to optimally integrate our sensors into your system – because intelligent is the only way.

“Sensor Intelligence.” refers to the ability of our sensors to use decentralized computing power to complete tasks more reliably, more comprehensively, or more efficiently, for example. To achieve this, we take the intelligence required to perform these tasks from the central control system, and place it in our sensors.

Intelligent sensors benefit from the availability of ever-smaller, ever-cheaper microcontrollers. These controllers enable our sensors to process increasing volumes of data directly, using ever more complex algorithms. And this technology helps you to optimize your production and control networks.


“Sensor Intelligence.” to Organize the Factory of the Future

Networked production and control processes in complex machine environments will determine the industrial future. Our smart sensor solutions already support dynamic, real-time-optimized, and self-organized industry processes... Our sensors record real operational statuses, turn these into digital data, and share them automatically with your process controller.

The degree of digitization, intelligence, and networking is set to increase continually in production and logistics systems, until these systems can eventually control and optimize themselves autonomously. The cyber-physical production systems in the smart factories of the future will organize themselves, using huge amounts of up-to-date information to make independent decisions. This information is provided by our sensors.

With “Sensor Intelligence.”, we are making Industry 4.0 a reality – and we are doing it today.

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